Saturday, July 15, 2006

Welcome to KISS!
Hi everyone. It's Julie Wilson, the heroine from THE FINE ART OF KISSING. I'm everyone's favorite relationship guru and kissing expert. I took some time out from THE FINE ART OF KISSING the other day to go shopping and guess what? I met the heroine from Catherine Chernow's soon-to-be-released sizzling, fast-paced, contemporary romance - KISS!
Kat Sullivan is the owner and proprietor of this fantastic store called KISS. I stopped by KISS on my way out to Long Island's East End. KISS is right on Main Street in this adorable little town called Summerville. Now, don't tell Brad, my handsome hunk of a hero from THE FINE ART OF KISSING, because, well...what I bought at KISS is really a surprise present for him...
Oh heck, when you get right down to it, it's really a present for the two of us. I say this because Kat's store, KISS, has got all this gorgeous, classy, sexy lingerie - that Kat's designed herself. LOL...I'm sure Brad's going to love seeing me in what I bought at KISS - it's a beautiful, sheer-thong style teddi. I know, I know...a teddi? On me? I have to tell you, I wouldn't have dared to even handle it, let alone try it on, but Kat convinced me. See, Kat's really special - she makes you feel special, too, when you walk into KISS. Her lingerie brings out, well, our secret selves. You're drawn to her and KISS. Her sensual designs make you want to parade before your man and show off all your best assets. Yes, I know what you're saying - I'm the woman who hates my legs, particularly my thighs and you know something? That's just what Brad loves about me!
So...what better way to treat him to me than in the privacy of our own bedroom in that wonderful 'kissing bed' we share. Okay, I've got to hurry now and get home so I can get ready. I want to take a long, relaxing bubble bath, do my hair, spritz on my favorite perfume and slip into that sexy teddi. Oh! I think I'll dim the lights and place a few scented candles around our bedroom. Maybe what I'll do is wait for him in our 'kissing bed.' I'll be wearing that teddi, stretched out on the bed...
My body will beckon him, my arms will welcome him into the sheltering haven of our bed...and our love for each other.
I have Kat and KISS to thank for this night of sensual pleasures with Brad. I'm sure I'll be back at KISS real soon to buy more of Kat Sullivan's wonderful designs. I have to find out what happens when Jared Martin, the King of the Discount Stores, the MegaMart Mogul, meets Kat Sullivan, a small-town girl who designs sexy lingerie. You can read an excerpt from KISS! on . It's a hot excerpt...sizzle!
Julie Wilson