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Wjhat a scorching kiss Ethan and Lisas exchange in Judith's REDEMPTION, available online at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Alibris, Borders, Target.

His mouth moved over hers softly, gently. His teeth took tiny nibbles at her bottom lip then soothed it, the tip of his tongue tracing over the bite marks. He licked the inside of her bottom lip then turned his attention to the upper one.
Lisa felt as if she’d fallen down a well and was floating in the water. Ethan’s tongue was like a feather drifting across the surface of her mouth, bringing each and every nerve to jolting life. She felt sensations where she didn’t even know she had them. When she opened her mouth on a soft moan his tongue slipped inside as if it belonged there.
He tasted of fruit and power bars and the jungle and it was the most exhilarating taste she’d ever experienced. She wanted to roll it around in her mouth, swallow it, absorb it into her system. It was headier than the finest wine or the most expensive brandy.
She danced her tongue with his, a slow waltz to imagined music. Together. Retreat. Together. Retreat. His tongue slid across the surface of hers, teasing at it. Tantalizing. She couldn’t imagine ever kissing anyone else after this.
She tried to press her mouth harder against his but he held her head captive, keeping the pressure of his mouth and tongue as light at the touch of a butterfly’s wings. The sense of him permeated her body.
She had no idea how long he played with her mouth. When he lifted his head she felt a tremendous sense of loss. Opening her eyes she saw his black bottomless ones burning into hers.
From Desiree's NIGHT RIDE. Get it at The Wild Rose Press.

When his mouth touched hers, the kiss was beyond her expectations, heady like fine, aged cognac that reeled the senses. He sipped from her as if he were drinking a rare nectar. His lips were warm and firm, his tongue a live wire probing the seam of her mouth and pressing its way inside.
One hand captured her head, slanting it to accommodate him as he nipped her lips, tasted her, drew out her tongue to duel with his. They were both breathless when at last he lifted his head. He held her tight against him, his arms hard and strong.
“I have to see you,” he whispered as he bunched the soft material of her dress and pulled it upwards. “All of you.”
This one's from Desiree's DIAMOND LADY, Available at Ellora's Cave. Hint" Dominic is really a man from desiree's past.

Dominic leaned over and kissed her, his tongue sweeping through every part of the dark cavern of her mouth, demanding that hers do the same to him. When he broke the kiss his eyes were smoldering. “Well, my little jewel, your wish is my command. Whatever you would like, I have it here for your pleasure.”
He pulled her close to him and kissed her again with ferocious intensity. Even now his hunger was not completely sated.
From Desiree's DOUBLE ENTRY, Available at Ellora's Cave

Curt leaned forward and placed a warm kiss on her lips. “Darlin’, I know so.” His tongue tasted the surface of her lips, then darted swiftly inside. He tasted every inch of her mouth inside and out as it swept from roof to inner cheek to lips and back into the innermost recesses.
Lauren melted into the kiss and every part of her body responded to its sensuality. She managed to set her champagne glass down on the nightstand without spilling it and slid her fingers into the black silk of Scott’s hair. In a moment she felt Curt nibble at her shoulder, his hand at one of her breasts as he teased and stimulated the already tender nipple.
Scott cupped her face in his hands and moved his mouth first one way then another to give him a better angle, never breaking contact with her. At last he drew back, her mouth swollen and her senses drugged.
“Let’s see how those other lips are doing, sweet thing, shall we?” His voice was husky and warm.
From Judith's CUTTER'S LAW
Get it online at:Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Alibris, Booksamillion, Borders, Target

Her heart beat sped up and a corner of her mouth turned up. “Are we going to neck?”
“Sounds like a good idea to me.” His deep voice was slightly shaky. “How about you?”
Her own voice none too steady, she said, “Oh, I’m definitely up for a little necking.”
If the kiss the previous night had scorched them despite its brevity, this one consumed them like a raging inferno engulfing them both.
Morgan’s mouth pressed down on hers, his tongue licking at the seam, his teeth nibbling her lower lip, the soft skin of her lips seared by his touch. Fire began to race through her veins and all she could think of was this man and his touch.
“Open for me.” His voice was husky.
When she opened her mouth his tongue swept in like a wild marauder, invading the inner softness. Her own tongue dueled with it, tasting him, his mouth heavy with the flavors of coffee and good Kentucky bourbon. He shifted his head to give him greater access as he continued to devour her mouth, swallowing the tiny moan that bubbled up from her throat.
Desperate to feel his skin under her fingers, she pulled at his shirt, grateful it had snaps rather than buttons, vaguely hearing the popping sounds as she yanked it open. Then her hands were skimming over the smooth skin of his chest, her fingers curling in the crisp mat of hair, his flesh burning under her touch. When her fingertips found his nipples, she raked her nails over them lightly. His body jerked and his mouth bit down harder on hers, making her gasp.
“God, Allie.” His voice was almost unrecognizable, his breath like a hot wind against her face. “Sweet Jesus.”
This one's from Judith's One Hot Texas Night, available at The Wild Rose Press, Fictionwise and All romance eBooks. Tate Donovan is every woman's dream of a cowboy - sexy, rugged, pure testosterone. He can make love to you with his eyes. Abby Culhane, back home after years away, rememebrs the crush she had on him and how he blew her off. But now they're both older....and hotter.

Back away, you idiot. Don’t fall for this again.
But she couldn’t make herself move.
His lips were just as warm as they’d been last night. He brushed them over hers before running the tip of his tongue over the seam of her mouth, forcing it open. His tongue inside sent the same electric shocks through her and nothing could have stopped her from returning the kiss.
She wound her arms around his neck, pulling his head closer, tasting the flavor of him that was pure Tate. His hands caressed her arms, her back, then moved up to cup her face.
I’m crazy, she thought. Just plain nuts.
This one's from Desiree's CRUDE OIL, a Lust Bite from Total-e-bound. It's between Dana, who's sexuality is unfolding, and Max, who loves her to distraction.

Max cupped her chin and lifted her face so she had to look at him. “Embarrassed by what we did, Princess? Right out there in the open? Don’t be. First of all, no one was paying attention to us. They were all too busy doing their own thing. Secondly, I could tell you enjoyed it. And that’s nothing to feel bad about. I hope you’ll enjoy a lot more than that before the weekend’s over.”
He kissed her, a gentle pressure on the lips. But in seconds it turned into a scorcher, his tongue probing her mouth, his hands wrapped in her hair, pulling her head tight against him. He licked the insides of her cheeks, rasped against the roof of her mouth, pulled her own tongue into his waiting cavern. He was like a man who’d been starved for far too long.
From Judith's psychic romantic intrigue, Always On My Mind, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Lotus Circle:

God. What’s happening here? This is Mark. My best friend Mark.
This was far from a friendship kiss. He held her head firmly in his palms, plundering her mouth, the kiss one long, sensuous mating. She felt his tongue everywhere, tasting the roof of her mouth, the inside of her cheeks and her lips. Tentatively she pressed her own tongue against his and the jolt of electricity that shot through her ignited every inch of her body.
At last he lifted his head and looked at her with heavy-lidded eyes. She saw desire there, heat and…something more. Then it was gone.
He silenced her with another kiss. This time his fingers slid down the bare skin of her arms, touched her waist, then moved up to cup her breasts through the silky material of her dress. His hands, large and warm, held the weight of her flesh in his palms and his thumbs brushed across the tingling nipples.
“You are exquisite,” he breathed when he broke the kiss. “So beautiful. Jesus, Faith, when did you grow up like this? I’d love to strip you naked right here and feast on your body. You have no idea how many nights I’ve dreamt of just that. Of the things I’d love to do to you.”
Hello, everyone, from Judith Rochelle and Desiree Holt. We're going to be blogging today about kissing and we're going to share some kisses with you from our heroes and heroines. But first, a little background-about us and kissing. We're alter egos. Judith write contemporaries, romantic suspense and romantic intrigue, usually with a high level of sensuality. Desiree write erotic romances, both short and long, and they often cross into the suspense genre. We hope you enjoy our tidbits today. Please be sure to leave comments, because at the end of the day we will pick one person to receive a set of Ellora's Cave playing cards and another person to receive a set of Judith/Desiree magnets.

Okay, here we go. The kiss.

Kissing. Just the word alone can be exciting, anxiety-producing, and even amazing. On one hand, it's so simple. On the other, it's so complex. It can be a prelude to romance, the first taste of sexual foreplay or an expression of deep emotion. Kissing should be fun and feel good; otherwise, what's the point of doing it? And it is certainly one way to show someone how much you care for them.For some people kissing is the best way to express closeness. To show someone the intimacy of your feelings for them. Feel the romance blossoming between two people. The touch of lips, the tease of tongue, all are expressions of the sensations and emotions rushing through your body. Other qualities of a great kiss included eye contact beforehand, holding hands, and tenderness.
First kisses seem to be awkward for just about everybody. Being nervous and concerned about whether or not you're "doing it right" can certainly lead to awkwardness. Some people worry that they might not be good at kissing, and of course there is such a thing as a bad kiss. But we’re not going to talk about them today. We’re only going to talk about the kisses that send the temperature zooming, the body quaking, the blood heating….Oh, wait. I think that’s a line from one of my books!

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Judith Rochelle (a.k.a. Desiree Holt) will be my guest blogger here at The Fine Art of Kissing Blog Spot where she'll be posting about one of my favorite topics in the whole world...

Join Judith for some terrific excerpts and her take on relationships and...the fine art of kissing.

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