Wednesday, May 14, 2008

From Judith's CUTTER'S LAW
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Her heart beat sped up and a corner of her mouth turned up. “Are we going to neck?”
“Sounds like a good idea to me.” His deep voice was slightly shaky. “How about you?”
Her own voice none too steady, she said, “Oh, I’m definitely up for a little necking.”
If the kiss the previous night had scorched them despite its brevity, this one consumed them like a raging inferno engulfing them both.
Morgan’s mouth pressed down on hers, his tongue licking at the seam, his teeth nibbling her lower lip, the soft skin of her lips seared by his touch. Fire began to race through her veins and all she could think of was this man and his touch.
“Open for me.” His voice was husky.
When she opened her mouth his tongue swept in like a wild marauder, invading the inner softness. Her own tongue dueled with it, tasting him, his mouth heavy with the flavors of coffee and good Kentucky bourbon. He shifted his head to give him greater access as he continued to devour her mouth, swallowing the tiny moan that bubbled up from her throat.
Desperate to feel his skin under her fingers, she pulled at his shirt, grateful it had snaps rather than buttons, vaguely hearing the popping sounds as she yanked it open. Then her hands were skimming over the smooth skin of his chest, her fingers curling in the crisp mat of hair, his flesh burning under her touch. When her fingertips found his nipples, she raked her nails over them lightly. His body jerked and his mouth bit down harder on hers, making her gasp.
“God, Allie.” His voice was almost unrecognizable, his breath like a hot wind against her face. “Sweet Jesus.”

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Catherine Chernow said...

Judith, you are one hot, romance writer.

I say this because your kissing excerpts pull the reader in...make them feel a part of the kiss the hero and heroine share.

Kudos to you!

: )

Catherine Chernow