Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wjhat a scorching kiss Ethan and Lisas exchange in Judith's REDEMPTION, available online at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Alibris, Borders, Target.

His mouth moved over hers softly, gently. His teeth took tiny nibbles at her bottom lip then soothed it, the tip of his tongue tracing over the bite marks. He licked the inside of her bottom lip then turned his attention to the upper one.
Lisa felt as if she’d fallen down a well and was floating in the water. Ethan’s tongue was like a feather drifting across the surface of her mouth, bringing each and every nerve to jolting life. She felt sensations where she didn’t even know she had them. When she opened her mouth on a soft moan his tongue slipped inside as if it belonged there.
He tasted of fruit and power bars and the jungle and it was the most exhilarating taste she’d ever experienced. She wanted to roll it around in her mouth, swallow it, absorb it into her system. It was headier than the finest wine or the most expensive brandy.
She danced her tongue with his, a slow waltz to imagined music. Together. Retreat. Together. Retreat. His tongue slid across the surface of hers, teasing at it. Tantalizing. She couldn’t imagine ever kissing anyone else after this.
She tried to press her mouth harder against his but he held her head captive, keeping the pressure of his mouth and tongue as light at the touch of a butterfly’s wings. The sense of him permeated her body.
She had no idea how long he played with her mouth. When he lifted his head she felt a tremendous sense of loss. Opening her eyes she saw his black bottomless ones burning into hers.

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Catherine Chernow said...

Oh certainly know how to write a kissing scene!

My own mouth is buzzing right now.

: )

Catherine Chernow