Saturday, November 10, 2007

Check out my previous post for the kissing quote of the day. It rings true in this excerpt from TIGER'S EYE, book two of my haunting 'Bride's Inn' series. What is it about the hero kissing the heroine that rocks my soul? Is it because that shared kiss seals their fate, binds them together, sets them up for more?

In TIGER'S EYE, Jake Roper has come to Bride's Inn with an agenda of his own, but when he meets Miranda Hollander, he realizes he's met his match - and discovers that through the fine art of kissing...


When he walked into the kitchen, Miranda was there. She stood near the stove, stirring a tall pot. She had changed into a pair of sleek, black pants and a white blouse, which nipped in at the waist. The stark contrast of black and white highlighted her dark head full of silky hair and her big, purple eyes.
He leaned against the doorjamb, watching as she tossed some hair over her shoulder. Lifting the cover off the pot, she dipped a spoon into something that smelled absolutely wonderful. He watched the steam rise from the pot, her nose wrinkling. Oh, how he loved looking at that little nose…
She pursed her lips to blow on the liquid in the well of the spoon. His member sprang to life at the sight of those pursed lips. How he wished she’d wrap them around his cock…she’d bend her head to suckle him, her long dark hair swirling around her shoulders…the silky strands would spill over his thighs and…
Miranda gazed at him, her eyes large and round.
“Hello nymph,” he smiled.
She dropped the spoon in the pot, letting go of a startled squeak.
Jake approached, watching as she stuck her index finger into her mouth.
Shit. This wasn’t good. He imagined it was his cock. His jeans felt uncomfortably tight as they pulled around his stiff, swollen member.
He heard her whimper then she pulled her index finger from her mouth, glancing at the reddened tip.
“Miranda,” he reached for her finger, placing the tip in his mouth, his tongue sliding across it. Slowly, he pulled her finger from between his lips and blew on the reddened skin. She didn’t say a word as he turned on the coldwater, placing her finger under the faucet. “You should be more careful,” he told her.
Miranda pulled her hand from under the running water and reached for a towel. “And you shouldn’t sneak up on people,” she retorted, drawing her silky black brows together.
He longed to run his fingers over the crease between her eyes. He wanted to kiss away everything that bothered her. Jake took hold of her hand once more, leaning down to trail his lips over her index finger. Then they traveled up the back of her hand where he stopped just long enough to lift her palm and place a gentle kiss there.
Miranda’s breath left her body in a whoosh. The sound made him hard as stone.
He drew her into the circle of his arms, where his mouth fused with hers. Her lips tasted sweet, yet salty, like the broth she sipped. His body leapt into flames when he got a taste of her, his blood simmering like the pot of liquid bubbling on the stove. Jake expected her to push him away, but she didn’t, her arms twining around his neck, rising up on her toes to meld her mouth with his. When the tip of her tongue slid across his lower lip, Jake pulled her tight against him, his swollen shaft brushing across her mound. Her breath hitched, her breasts pushing against his chest, the feel of her nipples against his t-shirt acting like the sweetest aphrodisiac.
“Miranda, are you…oh!”
He turned, sheltering Miranda from Serena’s prying eyes. Placing a kiss atop her head full of shiny dark hair, he whispered. “We’ll finish this later. Unless you want to stay and help me fix a leaky uh,” he grinned, ‘…pipe?’
“You ass,” she hissed, but then her face softened, a tiny grin lighting her face. “Fix it yourself,” she finished on a huff.
She turned but not before he reached out to pat her bottom.
Life couldn’t possibly get any better.

copyright 2007 by Catherine Chernow. This excerpt is subject to edit & may differ from the final version.

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