Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kissing 101...

Ah, the kiss! For me, the first kiss between the hero and heroine is the sensual springboard for their relationship in a romance novel. But how did kissing start? When did the first kiss in a movie take place? Why not wrap your orbicularis oris mucles (lol...your lips) around these kissing facts:

Some anthropologists believe that kissing originated with early Homo sapiens (that's us) passing food to their babies, using their mouths. As we developed, the mouth-to-mouth feeding stopped, but the learned behavior of lips meeting lips continued (we call it...kissing).

The first on-screen movie kiss took place in an 1896 movie entitled...THE KISS (very apropos!). The actors who performed that kiss were John C. Rice and May Irwin.

So, pucker up, and kiss your favorite honey and think about our early ancestors passing food to their babies and John and May locking lips back in the early days of the movies.

Catherine Chernow


Melanie Atkins said...

Great blog, Catherine. I love kissing, too. It's the perfect time of year to focus on this. I'm so glad your book is out's SO good!!

Catherine Chernow said...

Oh my gosh! Melanie, it is so wonderful to hear from you. THE FINE ART OF KISSING is going to be released again a little later this year from And I understand you've got a new release, too, from Cobblestone Press. You've got to drop by my Yahoo! group at Catherine Chernow's Heart of Romance and tell us about it.

: )

Catherine Chernow