Sunday, May 27, 2007

I stripped the clothes from my body, letting the cool breeze skim over my bare, sizzling skin. Summer's heat arrived early yesterday, bringing a lazy sultry feel, and torrid temperatures. My hubby had left to run some errands, leaving me with time to cool off...with lots of time on my hands.
As I stepped into the shower, I let the stream of chilly water sluice down my body, enjoying the cooling sensation and respite from the unexpected scorching summer onslaught this Memorial Day weekend wrought. I stood under the shower, tilting my head back so the water would trickle down my breasts, teasing their tender tips...
The water continued down, meandering in a slow stream, caressing the skin on my belly. I braced my hands on the shower wall and spread my legs, allowing the water access to my most secret place. The cooling stream detoured through the nest of curls between my legs, then it slid between the tiny button hidden in those dense curls of hair. It made my little bud pulse with energy. Heat returned with full force as my body leapt into flames. I moaned and tilted my head back, my hands cupping my breasts as a delicious, decadent ache built inside me. I needed relief, and sought the remedy... Squeezing a tiny drop of shower gel on my fingers, I reached down and rubbed my swollen, heated nub. The decadent, delicious ache built between my legs, making my tiny button of love pulse. It matched the beat of my heart and the racing pulse that thrummed in my neck. I panted, the breath leaving my body in short, shallow bursts...
The shower door slid open. I lifted my head and gazed at my husband, his handsome face lit with that sexy, cocky grin I love.
"What are you doing home?" I asked in a shaky voice. "I thought you wouldn't be home for hours." My heart skipped several beats as his gaze traveled down to my hand - it still lay nestled between my legs.
He crossed his arms over his broad chest and leaned against the frame of the shower door. Raising one dark brow, he replied, "I changed my mind." His gaze slid to my breasts, where the water trailed down in a slow, steady stream. My nipples responded to his hot searing look, the tips pebbling into hard, little buds. My legs trembled, my heart skipped several beats as he continued to take my measure.
"I-I" The words no sooner left my mouth, when I realized how stupid I sounded.
He threw back his dark head and laughed then his gaze settled on the hand between my legs. "So, I see," his grin widened. He tilted his head to one side. "Have you uh...cooled off?"
My shoulders slumped. I shook my head, "No."
He dropped his hands to his sides. "Poor baby." His voice was soft, soothing, yet it held a note of...mischief. "Would you like some help?"
I nodded, stepping out of the stream of water, my back braced against the shower wall. My eyes riveted to the bulge between his legs, outlined by the rough denim of his jeans.
He stripped the clothes from his body, baring his magnificent form, the male animal in all his glory. I couldn't take my eyes from his member, swollen and erect, allowing me just a glimpse of the sac that hung down down between his legs. My eyes traveled upwards, to his nice, flat abdomen and broad chest. A sheen of moisture lined his bronzed skin, tiny beads of water clung to the hairs as the steam from the shower trailed moist fingers across his tall frame. He stepped into the shower, his long, narrow feet inches from mine as he slid the door closed behind him. Reaching out, he pulled me into his arms and kissed the breath from my body, his mouth a fiery brand on my lips. He didn't stop, gave me no quarter, as he plundered my mouth with his.
"You naughty girl," he whispered, trailing his lips down my neck. He reached down and ran his fingers through the curls of hair between my legs. "You shouldn't play alone in the shower." His voice was deep...wicked...arousing. My clit began to pulse, my breasts felt heavy. He touched my little bud with the tip of one finger, rubbing it in a slow, steady rhythm.
My breath hitched. "Please," I begged. "More..."
He chuckled. "Only if you play with me, sweetheart." He grasped my hand and placed it on his erect shaft.
I slid my hand across his member, first up...then down...caressing the tip. He moaned, his breath coming in short, shallow pants. It was my turn to grin. "You're playing with fire."
He responded by reaching around to swat my bottom. He put just enough force in it to bring a delicious, stinging little heat to my backside. I let go of him and snuggled against his rock-hard body, rising up on my toes to slide my clit against his penis.
He gasped, then reached around, cupping my bottom in his palms, raising me off the shower floor. He braced my back against the wall and slid his pulsing shaft into my heated entrance. As he pumped into me, the vein that stood out on the top of his penis slid across my clit. Each pass wrought a burgeoning tidal wave of desire in me. The water poured over our heads as he leaned down to kiss me again, his tongue battling with mine. As he plundered my channel, he slid out, then in , touching my swollen bud with the tip of his shaft. Ashudder ran through me...a delicious thrill...
When he slid into me again, a tidal wave of sensual pleasure crashed over my head. My legs gave out. My husband held me tight, keeping me upright as he pounded into me one last time, pressing his shaft inside me as though he never wanted to let go...
He tilted his head back and cried out, just as he came inside me. He didn't say a word for quite some time, then he tilted his head forward to rest his forehead against mine.
"We should play more often," he whispered as he trailed his lips across my cheek. Placing a tender kiss on my temple, he wrapped his arms around me, easing my legs down, holding me close.
"I don't know if this old shower can take it," I grinned against his chest, my lips sliding across the soft skin beneath the damp, springing hair lining his pecs. "I think the walls shook."
I could feel the vibration in his chest as he laughed. "I'll make sure to fix that," he replied, leaning down to kiss the top of my head. Reaching down, he placed his index finger on my chin, raising it upwards. My eyes met his. "Happy Memorial Day," he grinned.
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