Saturday, May 26, 2007

LADY IN WHITE...Book One of the 'Bride's Inn Series'

A scarefest of erotic romance!

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LADY IN WHITE is a sizzling, sensual paranormal romance guaranteed to leave you tingling.

Serena Reilly has come to 'Bride's Inn' to care for it's owner, elderly Clarise Masters. One dark and stormy night, a mysterious visitor arrives at the old inn, scaring....and kissing Serena senseless. But the handsome rogue, a man who Serena comes to know as her dark prince, a man who stirs Serena's deepest, most erotic desires, isn't all that he seems...and neither is she.

Seth Masters has come to Bride's Inn to find respite from the mess his life has become. What he finds instead, is a fiery, tempting goddess, a woman who sets his very soul...and his loins...ablaze. But Seth has nothing to offer a beautiful woman like Serena, for his life is a maize of harsh reality and uncertainty...a life filled with danger.

As Seth and Serena's mutual attraction grows, so does the mystery surrounding Bride's Inn, and the strange apparition that haunts its legendary halls. Serena and Seth stand to lose far more than their hearts when the 'Lady in White' shows up. When Serena's life is threatened, it's up to Seth to save his fiery-haired goddess.

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