Friday, May 12, 2006

Brad O'Malley Revealed! Check it out, ladies...Hi it's Julie Wilson from THE FINE ART OF KISSING. LOL...I'm sure by now you've all read Brad's kissing tips. Don't believe a word he says, because I can certainly tell you that he knows how to kiss. All that nonsense about using your tongue, well, you'll all just have to read THE FINE ART OF KISSING (available from and take my kissing advice, not Brad's. In the meantime, I've got a real treat for all of's time to reveal what Brad looks like and I guarantee you'll all be panting, drooling and on fire when you see him. Ready? Click on and check out the 'Handsome Hunks' section on the right side of my home page. My heart's pounding just thinking about it! Happy reading everyone...and may all your kisses be blissfully unhurried.


Catherine Chernow said...

What a hunk! That's definitely Brad O'Malley.

Paz Edwards said...


Paz ;-))))