Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Julie's not the only one who's all mixed up inside! I am, too. Kissing her sets me on fire, but I'm not going to let her take my show away from me and I'm not going to go along with her latest crazy scheme. Do you know what she plans on doing now? Thanks to my producer, Sam, I've got to participate in this idiotic 'Kissing Challenge' segment the network is so hot to trot for. And Julie thinks that she's going to compare MY kiss to that idiot celebrity, Roberto Conciador. You can find out more about that by getting your copy of THE FINE ART OF KISSING from In the meantime, my creator, Catherine Chernow, has something to share with you. Did you know she's also a columnist for SUITE MAGAZINE SUITE MAGAZINE is an e-zine (on-line magazine). Suite is 'the provacative alternative for the intelligent woman,' and you can read Catherine Chernow's article, 'Speaking of...Seduction,' in the SENSATIONS column. There's a lot to be said for the art of seduction. Of course, I don't need much help in that department, after all, Julie's really not going to kiss that idiot Roberto Conciador, not after the way I've kissed her. I've got this 'seduction' thing all wrapped up. Wait a minute...I see Julie now! She's going into that meeting we're supposed to have with all the network people, and if I know her, she's going to try and push this ridiculous idea she has to kiss that moron Roberto Conciador and compare his kiss to mine. I've got to run, but you check out SUITE MAGAZINE and read Catherine Chernow article 'Speaking of...Seduction,' in the Sensations column.


Paz Edwards said...

Brad, thanks for letting us know about Suite Magazine and Catherine's article. I'm going to check it out, definitely.

So you don't need help in the art of seduction department, huh?

Well, good luck with your seduction of Julie. Does it involve 100 kisses?

I wanna know more about the "idiot celebrity" Roberto Conciador.


Catherine Chernow said...

Wow! That Brad sure thinks a lot of himself, doesn't he? There's that old saying, something about 'the harder they fall.'